Handmade Soap - Iceland

Handmade Soap - Iceland

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Created in tribute to a country known for its natural beauty, Iceland's sporty vetiver fragrance captures the essence of adventure.

A perfect alternative to commercial body soaps with harsh detergents that dry skin, handmade Iceland soap features olive marble coloring with light wisps of orange swirled in. Dive headfirst into Iceland's smooth scent, enhanced with fresh, woody vetiver. Soften rough skin with our powerful skin-conditioning infusion of shea butter and organic coconut, olive and palm oils. After use, you'll feel ballsy enough to jump off the Svartifoss... Ok, maybe just enough to conquer the day. 

About the Product

  • High quality vegetable based ingredients.

  • Cold processed and made from scratch

  • Made from a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and organic palm oil

  • Full size 4 oz. bars

  • Vegan, No GMO oils. Made in the USA


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