Handmade Soap - Sweet Melon with Aloe

Handmade Soap - Sweet Melon with Aloe

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Sweet Melon is a fantastic unisex soap.

Developed with a soft melon fragrance and formulated with our proprietary skin-softening oils, it's designed to leave you fresh and smooth all day. Reminiscent of summer melon slices, Sweet Melon has a beautiful bicolor green and orange design. The marbleized appearance comes from it's handcrafted and cold-process production. And the ripe melon scent is so luscious, you'll literally smell it through the packaging.

Hate soaps with an overpowering scent? Don't worry. Sweet Melon is strong, but it's not going to overwhelm you or any innocent bystanders with nauseating sweetness. (We'll leave that to the other brands.)

About the Product

  • High quality vegetable based ingredients.

  • Cold processed and made from scratch

  • Made from a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and organic palm oil

  • Full size 4 oz. bars

  • Vegan, No GMO oils. Made in the USA


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